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How to Order

Step 1: Browse our Web site. We have information about tree varieties, shipping, quality assurance, how to schedule a farm visit, and more.

Step 2: Ask yourself, or your store managers, the following questions. The answers will help us assist you in placing your order.

  • What is the demographic for the area in which you sell Christmas trees? Who are, or will be, your customers?
  • Do you have big box stores in your area? Who’s your competition? Do you have a farmer with a tree lot across the street?
  • What are the traditions in your area? Is Christmas a big deal? Are your customers likely to prefer one species over another (for example, in the northeast it may be Balsam fir, in the east it may be Fraser fir, and in the west, your customers’ favorite tree is likely to be the Noble fir.) Click here to go to Select Your Trees and see the various species we grow.
  • What kind of business are you – a tree lot, nursery? Is this a new lot? We have a link to help you find other supplies you need. Click here.

Step 3: Call us if you have questions or need help. Our sales office phone number is (360) 983-8284. We will help you get started on your order form. You may also call our senior tree grower, Barbara Burres, her cell phone number is (360) 880-4965. Barb can answer ANY of your questions regarding our trees and how to place your order.

Step 4: Fill out an Order Form/Price Request here. Please note that we offer discounts for first-time buyers and volume buyers (2-3 truckloads).

Step 5: Don’t forget to order your wreaths, boughs, and other greenery through us. Click here.

Step 6: Be sure that you have contacted us regarding arranged shipping or that you have made your own arrangements. Click here to go to our shipping page.

Other Tips
We recommend that customers (especially first-time buyers) order a variety of sizes, purchasing a few little trees, and a scattering of larger trees, with the bulk of your order being  trees in the 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 range, depending on the size of the houses in your market area.


How to order





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Modified - September 16, 2014