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Pure & Simple Freshness Tips:

Water is what will keep your tree fresh, pure and simple. Make sure you have a fresh cut on the base. Place your tree in a sturdy stand and fill with water immediately. Check water level several times in the first few days. Never allow it to run dry and your tree will remain fresh and green throughout the holiday season.

Tree care guide for you and your lot... HTML

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Links for Christmas tree lot supplies:

For Christmas tree lot supplies:

Terry and Barb's house
Christmas at Barb's

We recommend these stands for their versatility (even accommodates larger trees), durability, and ease of use. These are the stands we use.

Davis Tree Stands
Davis Christmas Tree Stand

Cinco Tree Stand

Cinco Christmas Tree Stand

Tree Lot Checklist

Recycle your Christmas tree
Recycle information for your real tree - make your carbon footprint even smaller by recycling your tree




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