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Order Forms & Price Requests

Order Forms / Price Request Forms
We have a new form available where you can input your tentative order and we will send back a tentative confirmation that will give you prices based on the volume and grade you request. Use the Order/Price Request form

We do not publish our prices directly on the web because of competition issues - both our own and yours.  Please fill out the Request Information form to receive actual prices, or call us at 360-983-8284.

In every field of Christmas trees, there is always variation in the quality of the trees. This diagram is an imperfect attempt to describe how we grade our trees. For those of you who have received our trees over the past 50 years, the Nursery Quality is what we have traditionally called our #1 tree.

With so many new definitions of "#1" in the marketing world today, we thought we should switch to a more descriptive classification. Please call us if you want to further discuss the qualities we describe here.

The diagram below may help you better understand our grading system.

Japanese customers at the Tilton river
Customers from Japan at our campground swimming hole
Tree quality chart

Nursery Quality is our traditional grade of trees for nursery customers. For a more economical option, you might try the Tree Lot Quality. For a very inexpensive option, ask for Utility Quality trees. If you want hand selected trees based on your own specifications, then order Premium Quality trees.

If you wish to order multiple grades of trees - submit additional forms.

If you have questions please call us at 360-983-8284.



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Modified - May 22, 2013