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Assuring Quality

Standard Farm Quality Services

  • Tagging & Special Handling
  • Shaking Out Loose Needles
  • Guaranteed Quality & Freshness

Tagging & Special Handling
All of our trees are tagged with color coding to indicate species and size. Special grades of trees are also indicated with flagging tape or ribbon. Click here for more information on our species, grades, and sizes. We hand select trees for each of our customers based on market areas or individual needs. We are able to provide several varieties of each type of tree ranging from open or layered trees, with a more natural look, to full, cultured trees.

Shaking Out Loose Needles
We mechanically shake each tree to remove loose needles before baling and shipping. This service helps you keep your tree display area tidy and your customers happy.

Guaranteed Quality & Freshness
We guarantee that you will receive trees of the best quality and freshness.  Each order is cut, baled and carefully loaded into containers just a few days before scheduled transport. Remember that you are required to contact us within 48 hours after delivery to confirm delivery numbers and address any issues.



Please recycle your trees


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Modified - May 22, 2013