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Farm History

Our family has grown Christmas trees in the foothills of Washington’s Cascade Mountains since 1949. Three generations strong, we are among the world’s most experienced Christmas tree growers.

Bear Canyon Tree Farm began growing top-quality Noble fir Christmas trees in 1949, when Charley Burton planted his first few acres of seedlings in the rich mountain soil above Bear Canyon, in Southwest Washington.

Forty years later, his daughter, Barbara assumed the helm and expanded the business to include 200 acres. The farm could then offer nursery-quality Nobles as well as Grands, Dougs, Frasers, and a variety of other specialized trees to its growing number of customers.

A few years ago, when our good friends, the Hedlunds, won first place in national competition at the National Christmas Tree Association convention, and received the honor of putting a tree in the blue room of the White House, we offered to let them select one of our commercial sized Noble fir for the honor.  Following are some photos of the tree selected by the white house head usher and chief horticulturist and some photos of the actual harvest of the tree.  It was a beauty, over 18 feet tall and as perfect as they come!

Between 2008 and 2010 the farm’s ownership has expanded. It now includes Jason and Sophia Stajduhar, the next generation of tree farmers.  Jason is Barbara’s son and Dottie and Charley’s grandson.

Over the next few years, Barbara and Jason anticipate an increase in farm production increasing the number of gorgeous cut Christmas trees available to our customers. That’s great news!





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