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Do you have to have a minimum order?
 No, but there is a drop charge for your delivery.
Do you deliver?
 Yes. We can usually arrange a load share, if you order a partial truckload. For local customers we may be able to arrange delivery using one of our farm trucks.
What is an average number of trees and what sizes for a new customer?

  Depends on your market area. Often a new lot will get as few as 150 trees. Ranging from Table Tops to 10/11 footers with an average size of 6/7 feet. For more information please see our "How to Order" Page.
Do you have tree stands?
  No. But we do recommend two brands that can be ordered from other companies, and we will ship them with your tree order. First you must purchase the stands and have them shipped to our farm, we will then load them on the truck with your trees.
What is your availability?
Excellent! We are usually able to fill all orders.
Do you have tall trees and what is available?
  We have good inventory up to 16 feet and can often find a few larger than 16 feet. Order early for best availability.
Can I split my order into more than one delivery?
  Yes. Many of our customers receive up to 3 orders throughout the season to ensure they are selling the freshest trees possible.
When do you cut the trees for my order?  How fresh are my trees?
  We cut trees as close to the ship date as possible. We cut everyday and it typically takes a few days to shake, bale and load the trees.
How do we ensuer our trees maintain their quality and freshness in our local climate?
Please see freshness tips here...





Loading a customer's truck
Loading a truck at Bear Canyon Tree Farm.




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Modified - May 22, 2013